Hi, I’m Isobel and I’m based in the UK.

My main focus is writing about books but I’ll throw in lifestyle bits here and there!

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  • Autumn
    Today is the 1st September and it seems appropriate to start celebrating my favourite season. This year is a little different from others as I find myself on furlough, predicted to last til the end of October. I have struggled with being on furlough but have decided to count my extra free time as blessing.Continue reading “Autumn”
  • A few words on failure….
    I’m straying away from the world of books for this post. I recently had an experience that gave me a brief moment of enlightenment and I wanted to share my thoughts. Last week I had a job interview for a part time job that I was hoping to do as my “side hustle”. It wasContinue reading “A few words on failure….”
  • A Lovely Listen: “My Good Life in France”
    I really enjoy listening to audio books whilst pottering about doing the cleaning or even on a nice walk. I tend to pick autobiographical or lifestyle books to listen to as I find the format really suits. My most recent listen is My Good Life in France: In pursuit of the rural life by JanineContinue reading “A Lovely Listen: “My Good Life in France””

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