Today is the 1st September and it seems appropriate to start celebrating my favourite season. This year is a little different from others as I find myself on furlough, predicted to last til the end of October. I have struggled with being on furlough but have decided to count my extra free time as blessing. Therefore, I plan on making the most of the season ahead of us. Here is my ode to Autumn……..

Autumn has always been my favourite season. As a child, going back to school in September felt more like a fresh start than the New Year ever has. I loved the idea of all the new possibilities that lay ahead and found excitement in starting new schools, college and university when the time came. Of course, I loved setting myself up for these with copious notebooks and pencils. Oh, the promise of what a good student I was going to be!

My favourite thing as a slightly more observant adult is the way the sunlight and the air changes in Autumn, The watery light poking through the rusty red trees and the fresh breeze shuffling the leaves along the pathways. There is nothing better than sitting in the local park with a chai latte (yes, total cliche) just taking all of this in. The nights start to draw in but it feels less oppressive than the early darkness of Winter. Lighting candles and getting the blankets back out feel so warming to my soul.

Autumn makes me excited to look forward to the holidays I love best, Halloween and Christmas. Halloween is nostalgic for me and as a child my parents always made a special time of it, despite it not being a big deal in Britain about 20 years ago. We put up decorations, carved pumpkins and iced fairy cakes with poor depictions of witches and monsters. Every Halloween we watched Hocus Pocus and at my grand old age, I still keep up this tradition.

Over the next couple of months, I plan on getting out for walks as much as possible to enjoy what this season has to offer, I have also made a list of Autumnal recipes to try and eat a little a bit more seasonally too! I plan on sharing some ideas on this blog over the next few weeks so please check back! Let me know your favourite thing about Autumn in the comments ……

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