A few words on failure….

I’m straying away from the world of books for this post. I recently had an experience that gave me a brief moment of enlightenment and I wanted to share my thoughts.

Last week I had a job interview for a part time job that I was hoping to do as my “side hustle”. It was an interview befitting our modern, socially distant times with it being held online with automated questions. I thought I had prepared well for this interview, thoroughly researching the organisation and finding examples of questions they had asked other people at interviews. I had written copious notes down and felt in control,,, well until I hit the “go” button. From the moment it started I felt uncomfortable, the questions weren’t what I was expecting and seeing myself on the camera being filmed made me feel self conscious. The moment I finished I text my boyfriend and declared I had messed up and failed the process. He asked about the questions but I brushed it off not feeling ready to delve into my bruised ego. I continued to berate myself in silence for a while…….

It was later during the day on a very reflective long walk that I had chance to see how hard I’d been on myself. It made me realise how much we set expectations in life and how any deviation from them is a “failure”. I think this is something that causes me a great deal of anguish. I am a perfectionist and when things go “wrong”, I feel disappointed and like I’ve let myself down. There’s much to be said for the idea that we learn from our mistakes and even if that’s just learning to be more mentally resilient or how to cope better next time. It’s easy to be hard on yourself. The difficult thing is talking yourself up again, soothing the bruised feelings and picking yourself up again. The sooner you turn off the negative, berating voice in your head the better.

I would urge you to always remember that there will always be other chances or other opportunities. Failure isn’t so bad and it certainly is very rarely ever the end……….

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