A Lovely Listen: “My Good Life in France”

I really enjoy listening to audio books whilst pottering about doing the cleaning or even on a nice walk. I tend to pick autobiographical or lifestyle books to listen to as I find the format really suits. My most recent listen is My Good Life in France: In pursuit of the rural life by Janine Marsh. I stumbled across it by accident when scrolling through kindle daily deals and was instantly drawn in as I’m a real lover of french culture. Although I’m not sure I would ever make the move to live in France, there is a distant dream in my mind of a rural escape with endless brie and bread eating. I mean doesn’t everyone day dream about this…

With travel being more difficult at the moment, I think this book was the perfect escape for me. My Good Life is all about a couple taking a chance on a rather run down house in a rural village in the North of France. After a while of travelling back and forth, they eventually make the move to live there permanently. It is full of wisdom and insight into the French way of life and certainly would be helpful if you dream (in a more serious way than moi) of upping sticks and moving to France one day. If you’re like me and just dabbling in your day dreams you will still be enthralled by Janine Marsh’s clever and funny retelling of stories from her village. From the endearing residents to the funny mistakes they’ve had a long the way, I found it truly charming!

Extra good news is that Janine has a fantastic blog https://www.thegoodlifefrance.com/ so I would recommend checking it out.

Here are links to her books or you can find them on audible as I did!

Let me know if you have read either of these great books or please let me know any recommendations you have for some French escapism!

Au revoir!

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