My Favourite Writers: Nora Ephron

We all have our favourite writers. The people whose words we come back to time and time again, whose wit and wisdom we savour or whose writing style we adore. Perhaps at the top of my list is the writer, Nora Ephron. I started to read her work in my early 20’s after I watched and was mesmerised by When Harry met Sally ( I was late in age to this party I know!) For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ephron; she was a journalist, writer and movie maker. Her published books are mostly collections of essays with the exception of a novel, Heartburn.

The first work of hers I read was I feel bad about my neck and other thoughts on being a woman, written by Ephron in her 60’s. Despite only being in my early 20’s, the work resonated with me and I found hope, advice and comfort in every page I read. It’s a collection of essays which I think will speak to every woman, regardless of age. She talks about the excessive beauty regimes women often put themselves through, parenting and the problems of women’s purses. Along with this, she mixes in deeper topics giving the reader an insight into the wisdom of her years and What she wishes she had known. A couple of my favourite pearls of wisdom are “you can order more than one dessert” and “you never know“. One of the greatest joys about her writing is her style. Her essays are written as if she is speaking to a friend. She has such an easy, friendly and above all incredibly witty style. Ephron strikes me as somebody who was a great observer of the world, its small details and the people within it.

If novels are more your thing and you’re looking for a first Ephron read then I would recommend Heartburn. This is a retelling of her own traumatic divorce and draws on her own experiences of marriage and adultery. The book is beautifully and insight-fully written! Nora Ephron was a great lover of food and she even sneaks some glorious recipes!

If you are keen to find out more about Nora Ephron I would recommend watching Everything is copy which is a documentary made by her son. You can find it on NowTV or Amazon Prime (not included in subscription).

You can see a full list of her books here:

Please let me know in the comments if you’re a Nora Ephron fan and what your favourite works of hers are!

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